The band 78 WES creates urban sounds and combinations of  R&B and Rap. Sounds that range from slow ballots to underground and commercial hip-hop.  Yet, they grace their audiences with a smooth blend of all music sounds that evolve around the combination of jazz, blues and rock.  All of the band members are either from New York or New Jersey. They have their own studio which is located in northern New Jersey. For this up and coming group, creating a new urban sound has truly arrived.  The best way to describe the group as quoted by lead vocalist Jevady, is simple stated as, “if you want something you never had before, you must do something you never done before” and always trust in the man upstairs because he controls everything. So with this being said, 78 WES is ready to take their rightful place in today’s music industry.  Right now the band is in the process of completing an album and sound track to a movie.  The members of 78 WES have worked with such celebrities as Jerry from the Fugees, KRS 1, Glen Jones, Ted Mills and many more .  78 WES has been around for a minute and is apart of R&B and Rap history and also plan to be a heavy weight contenders in Rap and R&B future.  Listen out for their new album which includes “Something About That Girl”, “Mira ven aqui”, “Put in work”, “No Strings Attached” and “Brothers in Chains”.  Watch out for this group their hot and explosive. A true throwback.